Are you worried about having colon cancer/colorectal?
We know ways to avoid colon cancer/colorectal

Did you know that colorectal cancer or solon cancer is the second highest cancer in the country after breast cancer. According to the National Cancer Registry of Malaysia 2012 – 2016, the most common cancer was breast cancer was 19 percent, followed by colorectal cancer 13.5 percent and lung cancer by 9.8 percent.

In men, colorectal cancer is the most common cancer 16.9 percent more frequently. The colon cancer is more commonly detected in men compared to women in the eyes of male mortality the incidence of this cancer compared to women is 1.42 times.

Among the contributors to this mortality are the delays in getting treatment so that the patient only gets attention doctor when he is at level three and above.

Keep in mind, however, that individuals over the age of 50 or men are at the same risk colon cancer if you do not practice a healthy diet or take precautions from now on. Statistics also shows that the Chinese have the highest incidence, followed by the Malays and other races.

Therefore, ypu need to be more aware of your own health level by knowing your causes and symptoms have colon cancer. You also need to know how to find a solution to avoid it have colon cancer.

Causes of colon / colorectal cancer

Individuals with a history of two or more immediate family members ( parents or siblings ) suffering from this condition have a two to threefold increase in risk

Diet high in fat leads to the formation of cancer by triggering the production of compounds such as deoxychic acid as well as lytic acid. A diet high in fat content will stimulate the production of bile acids in the liver.

People who drink alcohol at least four times a day have 52% increased risk of developing colon cancer. Alcohol is said to have an effect on folic acid synthesis. In the colon, alcohol is broken down by bacteria and produces an acetaldehyde compound capable of decomposing folic acid. Folic acid is an important compound in supporting the formation and recovery of DNA cell.

are the common problems colon cancer patients deal with ?

Constipation and diarrhea keep on going

  • – the stool has blood or dark color
  • – long and fine stool

such as fatigue, depression and gasped

This symptom is unknown because it happens, but it can be attributed to various factors such as anaemia (low red blood cells), low blood pressure or due to acute infection such as influenza infection.

Sore throat is not a common symptom and is not a major symptom of the Novel Coronavirus 2019.

What would happened if you ignored the signs?

1) In general, colon cancer can be treated if detected early on, however, if you are at risk of dying.

2) If your colon cancer gets serious, you will always feel tired and weak even after rest or sleep. Usually, this condition occurs when you lose a lot of blood internally due to colon cancer.

3) Persistent pain and stomach cramps.

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