Covid-19 is a feared disease?
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It is called the Coronavirus Novel, which refers to the new virus that have never before seen by humans, it has killed approximately 82,992 individuals from 183 countries as of April 8. In fact, no sign of the virus will be eradicated in this short period of time especially since the vaccine has not yet been discovered and made available in any country.

The newly contagious virus that spread among individuals, can spread through the respiratory drip of cough or sneezing and it was first detected mid-December 2019 in the city of Wuhan, Hubei, China. The virus was recognized as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11, 2020. Coronavirus's Novel was then standardized its worldwide title as Covid-19. Statistics from WHO up to 8 April show as much as 1, 4441, 128 individuals around the world have been infected, where 307,819 individuals equal to 21.36 percent have successfully recovered from this disease.

Medical teams and governments in all affected countries have clearly stated that the disease is spreading fast and the best way to prevent it is to break the COVID-19 chain in terms of staying at home. People around the world are also advised to regularly maintain personal hygiene, wash their hands, and perform at least one meter of social activity.

In fact, the community is also advised to be positive and it is recommended to increase their body's immunity to fight diseases and it can only be acquired through good nutrition.

According to the Ministry of Health (MOH) statistics as of noon on April 8, 4,119 individuals were infected with COVID-19 and from that amount, 65 deaths were recorded. The number of successful recoveries recorded was 1,487 cases.

So not only do you need to know what COVID-19 is, the causes and symptoms of a pandemic but you also need to know how to find alternative solutions to avoid becoming a COVID-19 patient.

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Some of the risky causes of death for Covid-19 patients

The elderly are at high risk of death if infected with Covid-19. As of April 8, about 40 of the 65 cases of Covid-19 deaths in Malaysia involve senior citizens.

Cases involving individuals with a history of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, asthma and kidney problems are high-risk cases when infected with Covid-19 due to poor immune system.

A study conducted by Liu Wei et al, involving patients with Covid-19 complications of pneumonia showed that individuals with a history of smoking had a 14-times higher risk than non-smokers.
Reuters reported that Professor Jean-François Delfraissy who is the head of the scientific council to advise the France government, says that individuals who are overweight should be cautious because if they were infected with COVID-19 they would be among the high-risk groups.

What are the symptoms of Covid-19 patients?

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The incubation period (the time it takes for the first symptom to manifest itself after a person is infected with the virus) for this Covid-19 is expected to be within 14 days. This means that a person infected with the virus will have no symptoms or signs for 14 days and has the potential to spread the disease within that time.

Here are the symptoms of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus :

This symptom is not only specific to the 2019 Coronavirus Novel as you know it. Fever can be caused by a variety of medical conditions such as germs, illness, cancer and more. Fever can appear as early as 3-5 days after a person is infected with the virus but may not be detected by many if the fever temperature is not too high.

Like other respiratory viruses such as influenza virus, patients with the 2019 Coronavirus Novel also have cough symptoms as they can infect the respiratory tract and cause irritation.

This is a result of lower respiratory tract infections or pneumonia. Shortness of breath cannot occur if the infection is only in the upper respiratory tract such as the nose and throat. This is one of the important symptoms that should be noted for people at high risk for Novel Coronavirus 2019.

This symptom is unknown because it happens, but it can be attributed to various factors such as anaemia (low red blood cells), low blood pressure or due to acute infection such as influenza infection.

Sore throat is not a common symptom and is not a major symptom of the Novel Coronavirus 2019.

Some patients may have this symptoms and it is not known why they may occur.

What would happened if you were exposed to COVID-19?

1. Can be at risk for death if infected with Covid-19 due to low body immunity.

2. People with chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and kidney problems are also categorized as having low body immunity and high risk.
3. Individuals who are may also be at high risk of developing Covid-19.

Yes, you do have to worry about this Covid-19 pandemic especially for people who have low body immunity and have a history of chronic disease. This worry is insufficient if individuals do not take proactive and alternative measures to improve their body endurance.

Chronic illness is of course considered to be one of the leading killers in the country, but the presence of the new virus over the past four months also needs attention from all ages.

Although many cases of Covid-19 deaths occur in the elderly, there are about 25 non-elderly and have a history of other diseases. Therefore, it is advisable for the community to work on improving their body's immunity.

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