Your high blood pressure is getting higher? We know a cure to your high blood pressure disease.

Do you know, according to ‘Kajian Tinjauan Kebangsaan Kesihatan dan Morbiditi 2019’ it is found that one out of three adults suffers from high blood pressure. In fact, one in five adults does not know they have this disease. According to a study in 2015, 30 percent of the Malaysian population aged 18 years and above suffer from high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is a condition in which the patient's blood pressure is above the normal reading, which is over 140 mmHg for systolic and over 80 mmHg for diastolic. This disease is one of the chronic diseases categorized as a non-communicable disease (NCD), which remains one of the leading causes of death in the country

Not only do you need to know the causes and symptoms of your high blood pressure but you also need to know how to find ways to relieve the disease for your own well-being.

The causes of high blood pressure

As age increases, blood pressure will also increase as blood vessels become harder and narrower due to clogged plaques over time.

The bigger or heavier a person, the higher the quantity or content of blood in the body which can lead to an increase in the blood pressure.

Men are more prone to getting this disease at a young age rather than women who are more vulnerable to it when they are older.

Health problems such as kidney problems, diabetes, and sleep problems can also increase blood pressure.

Those who lack physical activity often have a higher heartbeat rate and this causes the heart to work harder and it will put more pressure on the blood vessels as well as the blood pressure itself.

High blood pressure is a hereditary disease where if a family member suffers from it, the risk of their other family members getting this disease will also increase.

Tobacco content in cigarettes can not only increase blood pressure but the addition of the chemicals in the cigarette can also damage the layers on the blood vessels which can cause the vessels to become narrower and it will increase the risk of getting a heart disease.

Excessive intake of salt will result in increased fluid volume in the bloodstream. This will also cause an increase in the pressure on the blood vessels.

Too low potassium in blood can cause sodium to rise and this can lead to high blood pressure.

What are the common problems high blood pressure patients deal with?

What would happened if your high blood pressure disease can’t be controlled or treated?

1. Heart attack and stroke

– As the blood vessels become narrower due to the long-term effects of high blood pressure, the amount of blood and oxygen reaching the heart or brain is limited. This results in the loss of brain cells or heart cells and causes the heart and brain to fail to function properly

2. Aneurysm

– When blood pressure rises, it can cause the blood vessels to weaken and form an aneurysm. If aneurysms rupture, it may result in death due to severe bleeding

3. Heart failure

– In order to pump blood throughout the body through the narrow vessels, the heart needs to work hard and in the long run it will become swollen and fail to function properly

4. Kidney failure

5. Short sighted or vision problems

6.Memory and dementia problems

You may begin to experience the symptoms or indications if your high blood pressure disease is on a serious level. Do you know that according to KKM, the dietary habits of Malaysians in which the average of salt intake is 8.7g per day are nearly 2 times the WHO (World Health Organisation) recommended value?. So it is not surprising that many of us are unaware that they have high blood pressure.


Even though you feel that you are healthy now, this does not exclude the risk of heart disease even if you practice a healthy lifestyle and diet.In fact, even if you have high blood pressure, do you want to rely entirely on medications?


It is not wrong for you to try something that can be a cure for your high blood pressure.

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