How SuperLife Immune Care (SIC) can help you to increase your immunity level?

SIC (SuperLife Immune Care) is a proprietary blend of nature’s finest ingredients, powered with AFA Concentrate and Co-Q10. Our advanced formula associated with stamina and longevity, is documented to support natural release of adult stem cells from bone marrow and increase number of circulating stem cells.

AFA (Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae)

  • supports the release of natural stem cells and bone marrow
  • helps optimize the organ system and nervous system
  • enhances the healing capacity of the body by stimulating and supporting the natural release and migration of adult stem cells from the bone marrow.
  • encourages adult stem cells in the process of repairing damaged tissue and generating new tissues.

Coenzyme Q10

  • increase the absorption of essential nutrients
  • stablilize cholesterol and blood sugar
  • maintaining natural energy, reducing symptoms of choronic fatigue syndrome and promoting exercise ability
  • maintain cardiovascular ( heart ) health by maintaining cellular energy and reducing oxidative damage


  • increases oxygen levels in the blood and increases the body's energy
  • improves the quality of red blood cells and improves blood conditions
  • supports detoxification of the liver and removes toxic substances accumulated in the body
  • keeps the digestive system healthy by maintaining intestinal flora and stimulating bowel movement

Guarana Extract

  • lose weight and keep it stable
  • against premature syndrome ( Premenstrual Syndrome / PMS )


  • increase fertility
  • acts as an anti-stress
  • maintain the digestive system
  • lowers cholesterol and blood glucose levels

Complex Vitamin B

  • encourages the production of red blood cells from the bone marrow
  • producing enough energy
  • improve the functioning of the nervous system





Setelah anda amalkan SuperLife Immune Care (SIC) ini, anda akan dapati:-

1. You will feel relieve because the risk of coronary heart disease / heart attack can be avoided.

2. You will feel relieve because the risk of stroke disease / stroke attack can be prevented.

3. You will feel relieve because the risk of heart failure can be reduced as it may affected your daily routine.

4. You will be in relieve because the risk of death due to stroke, coronary heart disease, heart attack, heart complication and failure can be diminished.

5. Your cholesterol level is under control and decrease the risk of blood vessel and heart blockage.

6. You can achieve normal body mass index and prevent obesity.

7. You can avoid stress

Who need Superlife Immune Care (SIC)?

The ones that want to maintain their intestinal health

The ones that want to strengthen their immune system

The ones that want to increase their fertility

The ones that want to increase their energy

The ones that want to control their blood glucose level

The ones that want to encourage liver detoxification

The ones that want to maintain the balance of their biochemistry

The ones that want to contain high antioxidants

The ones that want to reduce the risk of of heart disease

Life is Super!

What’s client feedback about the product?

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