Please read this policy carefully as it is the terms and conditions that you agree to be bound by if you continue to use Sistem Internetworking member website. 

This site is operated by Superteam Global (Registration number 003085308-X)

Purchasing our wellness products 

Eligibility ordering criteria: 

You may only purchase products:  

•That are available for sale with the details that appear on Sistem Internetworking member site;

•For delivery within Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia.

•For personal use, either by yourself or by your intended recipient(s) of the products. Sistem Internetworking reserves the right to decline any order which is reasonably believed for personal onward sale besides the main distribution channels approved by Superteam Global.

Details of the products available for purchase (including their price) are set out on Sistem Internetworking member site. Sistem Internetworking takes reasonable care to ensure that all details, descriptions and prices of products appearing on Sistem Internetworking member site are correct at the time when the relevant information is placed onto Sistem Internetworking member site. Although every effort is made to keep Sistem Internetworking member site as up to-date as possible, the information appearing at a particular time may not always reflect the position exactly at the moment you place an order. 


Ordering Products:  

•Once you have selected the products you wish to order, click on the “Checkout” button at the end of the checkout process.

•Once you have clicked on the “Checkout” button, you have made a binding offer for the sale of goods. Your offer at this stage is still subject to our acceptance. In order for your order acceptance, we will obtain an authorization from your Credit Card company for the amount detailed our order summary page. We are not taking funds from your card at this stage, although the amount available for you to spend will be deducted by the authorized bank. This is a normal process with the banks. If your credit card company did not issue an authorization, your order will not be processed further.  

•Sistem Internetworking will e-mail you to confirm your product order has been received.

•We are deemed to have accepted your offer, and a corresponding contract of sale for the products you have ordered has concluded between you and Sistem Internetworking only after those products being dispatched to you, as detailed in the dispatch confirmation e-mail. 


Sistem Internetworking may refuse or be unable to process your order if:  

•The product you ordered is discontinued or no longer available.

•Your credit card does not give authorization for the payment of the purchased price.

•You do not meet the eligibility ordering criteria set out as above.

Order Cancellation 


Before you place your order, you can view the contents and the total amount in your shopping basket. Once your order has been submitted successfully and payment is received for your purchase, the order will be “Sent to Warehouse,” entering the delivery process immediately. We advise you to carefully review and modify your order prior to payment submission. 


Once your order has been “Sent to Warehouse,” it has entered the delivery process and no further changes can be made. 

Damaged Stock / Faulty Products and Incorrect Goods Received 


You may exchange your goods if the goods you ordered are damaged upon receipt, or if the goods you have received are not in good condition as you originally ordered. Exchange of goods is valid within 24 hours from goods received. Refer to our Return Policy

Shipping Policy


West Malaysia


Shipping Fees

•Orders of RM300 and above, FREE shipping service within West Malaysia.

•Orders below RM300, shipping fee of RM10 will be incurred.


Parcel Receiving Time

3 to 5 working days by Courier Company (Please ensure someone is available to acknowledge receipt of the parcel)


East Malaysia


Shipping Fees

•Order of RM1000 and above, FREE shipping service to East Malaysia. (Please email [email protected] before placing your order)

•Order below RM1000, shipping fee of RM10 per item will be incurred.

•East Malaysia Orders, an additional RM10 per item will be charged for handling fees.

Parcel Receiving Time

3 to 5 working days by Courier Company (Please ensure someone is available to acknowledge receipt of the parcel)

Price Note

Please note that prices shown on our website are towards West Malaysia Orders Only.

International Orders

Shipping Fees are based according to total Parcel Weight.

Processing orders and delivery period is:-


                                        Process Order & Delivery Period


West Malaysia      =        7-10 working days


East Malaysia        =       7-14 working days



Sistem Internetworking reserves the right to:  

•Modify or withdraw, temporarily or permanently, our Sistem Internetworking member site (or any part thereof)

•With or without notice to you; Sistem Internetworking shall not be liable to you or any third party for any such modification or withdrawal; and/or  

•Change “These Conditions” from time to time, and your continued usage of Sistem Internetworking member site (any part or thereafter) shall be deemed as your acceptance of “These Conditions” at that period of time. It is your responsibility to check our Sistem Internetworking member site regularly to determine whether “These Conditions” have been changed. If you do not agree to any changes to “These Conditions” then you must immediately reject the use of Sistem Internetworking member site. 

•If Sistem Internetworking should change “These Conditions”, your order will be subject to the Terms and Conditions at the Date and Time of you placing your order. Copies of the appropriate T&C are available for viewing under Terms of Use within

•If any part of “These Conditions” is declared unlawful or unenforceable, then that provision shall be deleted from “These Conditions” and the remaining provisions of “These Conditions” shall remain in full force and effectiveness. Malaysian law applies to these Conditions and any dispute relating to “These Conditions” shall be settled by the 

What is Return Policy?

If your purchases are (damaged during shipment or incorrect item) you can send it back to us.

•Report must be made within 24 hours from goods received.

•Picture of proof must accompany your report.

•Damage/ Incorrect items must be return within 7 days, together with original box and receipt.

•Item bought during promotional events (e.g. Exhibition/roadshow) are not accepted for return and exchange.

What will I get back on my return item(s)?

You received a one to one replacement of the damage/incorrect shipment or wrong items/products.

How about postage charges?

Customer would have to bare for the postage fee shipped back to us during the return process. We will refund a maximum of RM5.00 for your return shipping charges to your account. Please allow 14 working days for this process to be completed. We do not refund shipping charges that customer have paid during purchase.

(e.g: If your purchase = Product + RM10 postage fee, Sistem Internetworking will only refund RM5 of the postage fee for the item that you send back to us)

How can I return my purchase?

Kindly email your inquiry to [email protected] with subject “Return Item”. We will assist you as soon as possible. Please allow 14 working days for your inquiry to be processed.

To make the process run smoothly and faster, do email your inquiry with picture(s) of your item(s) matter & reasons of returning.

How long will it take?

Please allow a minimum of 14 working days from the date receive of your return package to you.


I need more information about this. Who do I contact?

Please email your inquiry to [email protected] Our customer service will contact you back during Sistem Internetworking’s working days and hours.

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